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Massimo Cream Rolls
Massimo Favorito Cream Rolls
The perfect on-the-go snack, Massimo Cream Rolls are the best things since sliced bread. Filled with delicious creaminess.

Massimo Duetto Cream Rolls
Duetto is packed with blueberry-vanilla, coffee-vanilla or strawberry-vanilla cream, while Favorito offers a choice of chocolate, peanut butter and corn cream fillings that will have you craving for more.

Massimo DivinoCream Rolls
The Divino Range of Cream Rolls by Massimo have levelled up on their delicious creaminess by using real Chocolate Hazelnut cream on their legendary chocolate fluffy rolls.

Chocolate Hazelnut:
Indulge in the true Italian goodness of real chocolate hazelnut cream on top of Massimo signature chocolate bread rolls. Massimo Divino Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Rolls, a true to goodness combination that will leave you craving for more.